MCQs on Solan District


Before you start to answer these MCQs, We strongly recommend you to read our Know Your District Series to gain knowledge regarding respective state. for this MCQ series, please read : Know Your District – Solan

1. Who formed Handur (Nalagarh) state?
A) Veer Chand
B) Hari Chand
C) Ajay Chand
D) Ahal Chand

2. What is the area of Solan district?
A) 1540
B) 1936
C) 2825
D) 1118

3. Where is the Girls Polytechnic Institute in Himachal Pradesh?
A) Solan
B) Shimla
C) Kandaghat
D) Hamirpur

4. Which city is known as “Mushroom City”?
A) Solan
B) Shimla
C) Kandaghat
D) Hamirpur

5. Before merging Kandaghat Punjab (Present Haryana) into Punjab Himachal Pradesh. Kandaghat Punjab was the part of which district?
A) Ambala
B) Gurdaspur
C) Hoshiarpur
D) Kurukshetra

6. Who established Mehlog State?
A) Veer Chand
B) Duni Chand
C) Jagat Chand
D) Ram Chand

7. Who established Kuthar State?
A) Veer Chand
B) Vidhi Chand
C) Jagat Chand
D) Surat Chand

8. Which Hill State of Himachal Pradesh was merged into British Empire by Lord Dalhousie with the help of Lapse Policy?
A) Bhagat
B) Baaghal
C) Koti
D) Kuthar

9. From the following which is not a part of present Solan?
A) Maangal
B) Beja
C) Tharoch
D) Baaghal

10. Raja Durga Singh was the last ruler of which State?
A) Suket
B) Chamba
C) Nalagarh
D) Baghat

11. When Solan district was established?
A) 1966
B) 1971
C) 1972
D) 1975

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