General Science MCQ – 106 (Chemistry)

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General Science MCQs including Physics, Chemistry, Biology. This help is General Eligibility Test like Entrance Exam, Sainik School, NDA, Army, All India Competitive exam, and All HP Exams. You can also play our weekly quiz and download all quizzes PDF as well.

1. This can be a halide in the Friedel Crafts reaction?
(A) Isopropyl chloride
(B) Chlorobenzene
(C) Bromobenzene
(D) Chloroethene

2. Which of the following will not easily undergo Friedel Crafts reaction?
(A) Xylene
(B) Nitrobenzene
(C) Cumene
(D) Toluene

3. When phenyl methyl ether reacts with HI it forms?
(A) Benzene
(B) Ethyl chloride
(C) Iodobenzene
(D) Phenol

4. Which of the following is the most acidic?
(A) p-nitrophenol
(B) 2,4,6-trinitrophenol
(C) p-cresol
(D) Phenol

5. Phenol is converted to salicylaldehyde when treated with chloroform and aq. KOH, the reaction is known as?
(A) Friedel Crafts reaction
(B) Rosenmund’d reaction
(C) Sommelet reaction
(D) Reimer- Tiemann reaction

6. Which of the following is formed when benzene is oxidised by V2O5 in presence of air?
(A) Benzoic anhydride
(B) Benzaldehyde
(C) Maleic anhydride
(D) Benzoic acid

7. Catalytic reduction of benzoyl chloride in presence of Pd-BaSO4 yields?
(A) C6H5OH
(B) C6H5CI

8. This on reduction with LiAIH4 produces secondary amine?
(A) Methtl cyanide
(B) Nitroethane
(C) Methyl isocyanide
(D) Acetamide

9. In which of the following reactions does toluene get converted to benzaldehyde by chromyl chloride?
(A) Riemer-Tiemann reaction
(B) Cannizzaro’s reaction
(C) Etard reaction
(D) Wurtz reaction

10. Which of the following reactions will yields phenyl isocyanide?
(A) Carbylamine reaction
(B) Wurtz reaction
(C) Rosenmund’s reaction
(D) Reimer-Tieman reaction

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